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If you are a PhD student from academia, industry or institute, and are enrolled at a Swedish university, you can apply for a free membership and attend courses for free. Upon reaching your Licentiate and Doctoral degree, you receive both a certificate and a diploma of your participation.

If you are employed in academia, industry or institute, but are not a PhD student enrolled at a Swedish university, you can still apply for a free membership and get access to course information, get the latest news and invitations to graduate school activities, and receive a diploma upon reaching 15 credits. You can also attend courses at a charge.

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Bengt-Göran Rosén, Halmstad University
Head of Produktion2030's Instrument of Education

Mattias Bokinge, Halmstad University
Director of Studies of Graduate School Produktion2030

In the spotlight:
2018 Winter Simulation Conference

Simulation has been found useful for a range of scientific, engineering and business applications as evident by the papers presented at Winter Simulation Conferences over the past 50 years. Simulation has been employed to help noble causes too over the recent past but such efforts have received limited attention. The 2018 conference seeks to highlight applications of simulation for noble causes in addition to continuing to report leading developments and applications in other fields. We especially invite papers describing uses of simulation in efforts analyzing and addressing issues facing humanity including, but not limited to, reducing poverty and world hunger, social causes, social problems, improving natural environment, and disaster response. 

Read more about the conference here.

In the spotlight:
Participatory Research Courses

How do you do when you co-produce? How combine research and development? How involve partners in research projects?

These challenges are present at IDT in most projects, and is something that is focused in MDH's policy. It is not always easy ... but there are research traditions like Action Research and Interactive Research, which has rich experience and knowledge in dealing with these issues.

During the spring semester PhD courses in Participatory Research is given in two variants, including Action Research and Interactive Research.

Participatory Research I, introductory course:
Deltagarbaserad forskning, kurs I/Participatory Research, course I
Participatory Research II, second/”paradigm” course:
Deltagarbaserad forskning, kurs II/Participatory Research, course II

You will meet participants from different disciplines and Swedish universities. An aim is to support planning, implementation and reflection on R & D projects with a Co-production/Participatory approach. The courses start 12 March. We are also open to the participation of practitioners, e.g. our partners in organizations and companies, who are interested to deepen the understanding of R & D in collaboration with academia - so feel free todisseminate this information!

Interested? Questions and application, please contact me: , 016-153489

Read more about the courses here (#1) and here (#2).