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PM1 Research Communication, Step1 - Fundamental 2HP

This is a wake up call for communication. The course gives you tools to be well prepared for communicating your research to non experts. We use an interview and camera to test your skills. This knowledge is useful in all communication, such as trying to convince financiers and/or companies about your project. But also for preparing presentations, interviews in media or teaching. To get a professional message bank in a concrete research project we recommend the advanced course - step two.

PM2 Research Communication, Step2 - Advanced 2HP

This is an advanced course in communicating research to non experts. This time you will prepare your communication messages beforehand with help from the course leader, who has been working as a research coach for 25 years. We repeat shortly the theory from step 1, so the rest of the course can focus on practical training, analysis and new chances to be successful in your communication. We recommend that you have attended step 1 and hope you have some concrete project ending, so you will be able to use the work we do in real life.    

PM3 Research Methodology in Product Realisation 7.5 HP

Research methodology in product realization is a research supportive course. The course intends to give knowledge about how research is conducted within product realization which constitutes a base for their own research work. After completed course the students in a scientific and systematic way of planning, implementing and evaluating research work.

PM4 Measurement Methods for Model Validation 7.5

[not financed through the graduate school]

The course aims to provide the students with genuine knowledge in measuring techniques in manufacturing processes in order to be able to assess model validation  The course is based on seminars covering principles of measuring systems, responses, uncertainties and signal condition suitable for production processes.

PM5 Research Methodology, Design of Experiments, and Publication 7.5HP

[not financed through the graduate school]

The course covers the scientific argumentation and assessment of hypotheses in the field of production technology. It gives a brief historical overview of the development of the research field and covers state-of-the-art methodologies. It covers literature search, reference handling and publication strategies.

PM6 Experimental Design 6HP

[not financed through the graduate school]

Kursen ger en översikt över försöksplaneringsmetoder. Inledningsvis går vi igenom  elementär statistik och statistiska metoder, därefter ett antal varianter av försöksplanering, för att avslutas med statistisk analys av data från olika försök.   Det ingår att presentera en egen försöksplanering applicerad på sin egen forskning. Försöksplaneringsprogrammet Modde från Umetrics används.

PM7 Scientific Methodology 7.5HP

[not financed through the graduate school]

Kursens mål är att förse alla forskare med en robust uppfattning av vad vetenskapär och vad den innebär i forskningsarbetet.  Kursen kommer att detaljera alla nivåer på forskningen (grund-tillämpad), hur dessa nivåer påverkar produktionsforskning, vilka valideringstekniker som finns (Popper, Kuhn, Laktaros, Fayerabend, ect.) och dessa för och nackdelar.  Kursdeltagarna bör kunna framlägga sin egen syn på en vetenskaplig metodik för produktionsforskning, i form av en essä/rapport.

PM8 Theory of Science and Research Methodology in Product Realisation 5HP

[not financed through the graduate school]

The course includes a historical retrospect of the development of theory of science and various philosophical directions. The course gives an introduction to classical texts within theory of science with specific relevance for engineering science. To facilitate the practical use of the gained knowledge, the course links theory of science and research methodology, and relates this to the subject areas of the PhDs.

PM9 Get Your Paper Published 7.5 HP

The course will cover a broad range of topics in relation to academic writing and cover the process from the paper design and the writing process, as well as paper reviewing and the publishing infrastructure nationally and internationally and also cover Scandinavian publishing traditions in the management, innovation and production areas.