Have an idea for a new course?

Don't hesitate to share your thoughts, the Graduate School Produktion2030 gladly embrace suggestions for new courses within product and production development!

How do I suggest a new course?

Fill in the following template and send it to mattias.bokinge@hh.se.

What type of courses are you looking for?

Suggested courses shall fit into at least one of the existing course categories presented in our course portfolio.

I suggested a new course, what happens now?

Suggested courses are presented and discussed during reference group meetings of the gradute school. Suggested courses can be accepted with or without funding from the graduate school.

Why should I provide a course without funding from the graduate school?

Unfortunately, not all courses can be funded by the graduate school. However, all accepted courses are added to the course portfolio and are advertised on the graduate school homepage, which facilitates for course providers to find course attendants.

My course is accepted with funding, what is the current funding?

Course providers receive 30'000 SEK plus 700 SEK per examined credit to members of the graduate school (not industrial members). In addition, start-up courses may apply for additional 30'000 SEK for course development. All funds are payed after course delivery.